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Copper Gravity Die Casting Machine

Copper Gravity Die Casting machine made of three parts , including : Machinery / Hydraulic Pressure / Electric;we insist on using high specification configuration to ensures high quality . Hydraulic Pressure accessories mainly use YEOSHE , YUKEN NOK etc ;  Electric mainly use imported , PLC and Touch Screen use Siemens , Schneider  ;  RM ( Relay Module ) use Schneider and Omron ;  Alternating Current Contactor use Siemens , Schneider etc ;

The Mold material be red copper, the minim thickness be 2.5 MM , can continue working 30000 times , after put it on the machine tool til grind it flat and can use it again ; Save labour and high efficiency for the company ; Durable ( imported high quality machine allocation )  ;  Easy to install and dissemble the molds ;

It produce Middle and large size of copper accessories or multiple cavities in one mold , like Water Meter , Faucets , Burner , Door handle . Copper Castings ; Bathroom Accessory , Sanitary Appliance , Ball Valve , Pouring Tap , Flashing Valve , Floor Drain , Copper Sheathing etc ;

Working Process :  put sand core ---close the mold----pouring ---mold put into water ---open the mold and get the product ---Flip to the horizontal position

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