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Core Shooting Machine

Sand Core shooting machine has manual , semi-automatic and auotomatic styles , including : Machinery / pneumatic / Electric;we insist on using high specification configuration to ensures high quality . pneumatic mainly use Schneider ,Omron  etc ;  Electric mainly use imported , PLC and Touch Screen use Siemens , Schneider  ;  RM ( Relay Module ) use Schneider and Omron ;  Alternating Current Contactor use Siemens , Schneider etc ;

The Mold material be Steel , It can improve work efficiency , a cycle is from several seconds to Dozens of seconds , according to sand core’s size and complexity ; Sand core can make the products smooth surface casting processing allowance ; Save many make sand mold parts machines like core furnace , drying apparatus ;Save labour , easy to operate , easy to clean work place clean ; Durable ( imported high quality machine allocation );  Easy to install and dissemble the molds ;

It produce molds as customer’s needs  ; products like Brake drum , brake disc  ; brake cylinder , valve ; Folding Box Casting ; Ahead of the impeller etc ;

Working Process : Core box clamping---tight shoot head--Sand shooting ---Shoot the head back---Heating---core -pulling return----core box open---backform

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