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Our persistent mission is to be one of the most well-known Aluminum Castings enterprise. Inquire! The Professional AluminumCastings Manufacturer in the Manufacturing Machinery Industry Compared with similar products, Quan Zhou Jing Long Machinery Co., Ltd.'s copper melting furnace has the following advantages. Jing Long Machinery Company is committed to providing customers with high-quality as well as one-stop, comprehensive and efficient solutions.

Is multi-media filter one thing with activated carbon filter? A multi-media filter is a medium with two or more types,Quartz sand and anthracite are generally used.Activated carbon is used to remove odor, organic matter, colloid, iron and residual chlorine in the water,Multi-media filters are used to remove suspended impurities in water.A multi-media filter uses one or more filter media,At a certain pressure, water with high turbidity is passed through granular or non-granular materials of a certain thickness,So that the process of effectively removing suspended impurities to clarify water,The commonly used filter material has quartz sand,Anthracite,Manganese sand, etc,It is mainly used for removing turbidity from water treatment,Softened Water,Pre-treatment of pure water, etc,The turbidity of the effluent can reach less than 3 degrees.Activated carbon filtration is to filter by the adsorption of activated carbon.Not one thing.

How to calculate the filter area and flow rate of the chemical pipeline filter! Urgent !!! The opening rate of the filter is www.Xxhylyj.
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