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Does Jing Long provide OEM service?
Quan Zhou Jing Long Machinery Co., Ltd. has been in the Sand Core Molds sector for several years. Jing Long Machinery Company adheres to the service concept to be strict, honest and cooperative. We seek development in a pragmatic and innovative way by taking quality safety as the guarantee, by taking sci-tech as the support and taking customers' needs as the basis. copper melting furnace, one of Jing Long Machinery Company's main products, is deeply favored by customers. With wide application, it can be applied to different industries and fields. As one of Jing Long Machinery Company's multiple product series, Copper Castings series enjoy a relatively high recognition in the market. The quality of this product can not be assured without the efforts of each Jingda staff. The emergency stop button ensures the safety of the field operator. we has gained rapid development in both product and market thanks to more than decade years of product R&D and production experience. If interested, please contact we for consultation.

Separation of manganese dioxide and water, filtration or distillation Manganese dioxide is not soluble in water and is better separated by filtration. it is recommended to use a bag filter to select a filter bag made of PP or PE. manganese dioxide has powdered and granular. 0.5-25 microns for precision selection. Because manganese dioxide is not soluble in water, filter and filter liquid and solid, and manganese dioxide is not soluble.

Seek the development history and technical status of vacuum trucks at home and abroad! For detailed materials, you can send them to the mailbox yan... Several inventors in the 19 th century produced a machine that sucked dirt.Most machines use a folding bellows that can be operated by hand.Some machines are made,Including the 'little Daisy' type of success.But they did not save Labor,Because two people are needed to operate,A bellows,An alignment interface.British engineer Herbert Booth made the first effective vacuum cleaner in 1901.It has a gasoline engine,And it's the first vacuum cleaner with an efficient filter,That is, it has a filter cloth to keep dirt,Bring clean air back to the room.It was a large and bulky device intended to be used in the factory.Booth's vacuum cleaner impressed American inventor J Murray Spengler.He made a smaller vacuum cleaner for home use in 1900,And sold the rights to the design to a harness maker called William H Hoover.On 1908,Hoover bega
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