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Is Jing Longinduction heating coil priced the lowest?
With a focus on customers, Quan Zhou Jing Long Machinery Co., Ltd. analyzes problems from the perspective of customers and provides comprehensive, professional and excellent solutions. Jing Long Machinery Company's gravity die casting can be used in a variety of industries. Jing Long Machinery Company's induction heating coil are reasonably designed. They are stable in performance and easy in operation. They are quality-reliable and use-durable. The products have good quality and reasonable price. We sincerely look forward to your inquiry and business talk! Jing Long Machinery Company has created a number of successful series, and gravity die casting is one of them.

Knowledge of basket filter standards Has anyone thought about how the water we drink every day guarantees its cleanliness? How to ensure that the water we drink can completely remove harmful substances? Or our gasoline, how to remove some particulate matter, the rest of the parts that can be used? When these things we use need to be filtered before they can be used, the rabbit introduces the standards of the basket filter to see how high the requirements of the basket filter are!Basket filter standardBasket filter manufacturing standard for pipeFlangeMain technical parameters for the main purpose of the connecting high and low take-over basket filter: housing material: carbon steel, stainless steel (SUS304L/SUS316/sus4l), lining fluorine, plastic (PP, PVC, etc ). material of filter core of coarse filter: filter frame, filter screen is stainless steel. sealing ring material: PTFE. working temperature: carbon steel is-40 ℃ ~ 380 ℃, stainless steel is-80 ℃ ~ Standard for manuf

Is the automatic cleaning filter easy to use? Self-cleaning filter is a kind of impurity that directly intercepts the water by using the filter screen,Remove suspended matter and particulate matter from water body,Reduce turbidity,Purify water quality,Reduce the generation of system dirt, bacteria and algae, rust, etc,Precision Equipment to purify water quality and protect other equipment in the system.The main components of the self-cleaning filter are: Motor, Electric Control Box, control pipeline, supervisor assembly, filter element assembly, stainless steel brush, frame assembly, transmission shaft, inlet and outlet connection flange, etc.QCE self-cleaning filter overcomes many shortcomings such as small amount of pollution, easy to be blocked by dirt, disassembly and cleaning of filter parts and inability to monitor filter status,It has the function of filtering raw water and cleaning and discharging the filter element automatically.The self-cleaning filter cleans the sewage and the system
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