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Jingda best aluminium plate making machine suppliers for promotion

Jingda best aluminium plate making machine suppliers for promotion

Jingda best aluminium plate making machine suppliers for promotion

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Company Advantages
1. The production process of Jingda aluminium plate making machine involves casting, acid pickling, electroplating, accurate grinding, and heat setting. All these procedures are handled by skillful workers. It provides a better environment and safety on the shop floor
2. Thanks to its maintenance and easy control, the product can significantly reduce the need for labor, which will directly cut down labor costs. Its electrical accessories are of German, Japanese, and Taiwanese brands
3. It has a long mechanical life. It has been tested for exposure to electromagnetic compatibility, high and low temperatures, humidity, dust, mechanical shock, vibration, sunlight, salt spray, and other corrosive environments. It is provided with bolt holes for fixing to avoid instability of the machine due to inertia
4. The product is able to guarantee constant productivity. It can be frequently upgraded, which can offer the desired functionality during operation. All its internal electronic components have self-overload protection
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Maximum size of the mold frame 600*500*700
Maximum clamping force45KN.
Maximum opening mould 38KN
Minimum closing height 350mm
Maximum stroke of moving template 350mm
Push core cylinder output 38KN
Workbench rotated Angle 0 ° to 90 °
Workbench rotated speed 8 ° / S V or less 4 ° or less/S 
Power rating of the hydraulic pressure station3.75 KW 
Working pressure of the hydraulic system is 5.5-10mpa
Hydraulic system pressure rating6.5Mpa
Piston pump imported from Taiwan25cc/rev
Human-computer conversationSiemens touch screen


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Stability of  equipment

The equipment is supported by a low center of gravity arc welded steel frame with sufficient span to ensure good stability of the equipment. The mass inertia of equipment motion will affect the stability of equipment.In order to avoid the movement of the equipment caused by the unexpected vibration, the equipment is provided with bolt holes for fixing the equipment.

Design criteria for equipment dimensions

All components and fittings are dimensioned to allow for erosion and wear, providing sufficient strength for normal operation of the equipment.

Electrical safety

The three-phase power line drawn by the power grid leads to the switch through the special channel in the electric control cabinet, and the terminal of the power line is equipped with a special plastic protective cover.Any live wires and terminals carry a clear warning sign.All components in the electronic control cabinet adopt the protection standard of IP20.There are a series of special grounding terminals near all the group wires in the electric control cabinet. Each grounding terminal is connected to the same ground wire. The color of all the connecting wires in the electric control cabinet conforms to the provisions of current laws.All terminals are the same standard and the same Fixed mode.All motors are designed with special magnetothermal elements for over-current and overload protection.The main coil of transformer is also overload protected by special magnetic heating element.Internal electronic components with self - overload protection measures.Electrical hazards can be completely eliminated if routine maintenance and use are carried out in strict accordance with the instructions.

Hydraulic safety

The device is driven by a motor driven hydraulic pump, with the oil pressure within the range sufficient to drive the device.There is no danger other than the action caused by the hydraulic cylinder drive. No oil pressure or voltage accumulator;
The dimensions of the rigid and flexible tubing are large enough to withstand the expected maximum oil pressure, and all tubing is fastened to the rack or tightly bundled with self-locking nylon ties to prevent accidental sudden stretching and to hold the flexible tubing in place against wear on moving parts.In any case, a ruptured tubing would not be harmful because of the low pressure and temperature of the oil circulating in the system.


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1) We specialized in manufacturing Gravity Die Casting machine for 10 years.
2) Our supply ability is sufficient to guarantee the customers demand.
3) We will glad to provide your advices according to your markets , showed you how to operate the machine and staff training service after buy the machine.
4) Our products can be OEM ,meet your special needs.
5) Quick delivery, Competitive price ,high quality and long term service to our customers.
6) There is a long-term cooperation with the shipping company, can make the goods more quickly and efficiently so that can delivered safely to the designated place as guest.

Company Features
1. As the primary provider of aluminium plate making machine , Jingda is reliable. Our project management team is highly qualified. They learn well about manufacturing practices and are offered with years of expertise, which helps meet the manufacturing needs of our customers.
2. Our factory complies with the highest international CSR standards. It has obtained the Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP) certification.
3. Our company has teams of dedicated product developers. They are able to discover the exact needs of customers while balancing engineering and manufacturing constraints to deliver innovative solutions. We strive to find new ways of improving quality without using up more resources. We improve our products and solutions through innovations and smart thinking – to create more value at a reduced ecological footprint.
Jingda aluminium plate making machine is manufactured meeting the production process standard. The transferred image will stick permanently on the fabric surface
aluminium plate making machine meets the requirement of present most advanced aluminium plate making machine. The product works well with EPSON, Canon, HP, and KONICA MINOLTA printers
Jingda aluminium plate making machine is processed by specialized and highly efficient production lines. It is very smooth and has a good hand feeling
Thanks to the appearance of aluminium plate making machine, it has attracted more and more customers. The product helps guarantee first-class printing quality
Jingda aluminium plate making machine is known for excellent quality and reliable performance. The product can be peeled under hot or cold conditions after the heat press
The product is cost-effective. Thanks to the high efficiency of ammonia refrigerant, running the refrigeration equipment can save a lot of energy. The product can withstand heat press temperature up to 185°C/365°F
The product is not prone to electromagnetic influence. It has passed the electromagnetic compatibility(EMC) test and is able to withstand extreme weather conditions such as thunderstrike. It is suitable for any colors of fabrics with great coverage
The product complies with ergonomics. There is an arch support structure which features good stability and has enough supporting capacity, enabling the product to offer protection to the foot. The product is very thin and sensitive so can be used to transfer extremely small and detailed images and logos
The product is flame retardant. The roof covers and side walls are made of PVC-coated polyester textiles which are not prone to the fire. It is suitable for any colors of fabrics with great coverage
The product has a translucent and smooth glaze surface which makes it stand out immediately. The clay used in it is fired at more than 2300 degrees Fahrenheit to help the white color show prominently. This product is compatible with dye ink and pigment ink
The product features a high-gloss finish. Thanks to the RTM process technology which provides smooth on both sides, it has enough attractiveness. The product has the desired air permeability
People say the product brings them a lot of joy. Only watching it is already a delectable and pleasant moment. The product can be cut easily into different sizes to fit diverse designs
The product is ultra clean and aesthetic, making itself equally suited for daily commutes and extended travel. The product is extensively used in printing images for digital image-making, daily necessities, and automotive (motorcycle) supplies industries
The product can be used as a barrier between two objects, such as two metals. It is often utilized as protection from outside elements as well. The product has good washability and flexibility
We heard back from our customers who had this product to say: it's amazing because it withstands really strong wind with ease! The product is very thin and sensitive so can be used to transfer extremely small and detailed images and logos
The product only consumes a little power energy with high water use efficiency. People say the operating cost of this product is much lower than the desalination equipment. This product is reusable and durable even washed many times
The product is specifically designed to cushion the things stored and keep them safe from harm. People don't have to worry about their stuff will get scratched. The product has the desired air permeability
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