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How about OSCON water purifier? First, look at the qualifications. The Health Supervision Center of the Ministry of Health of the People's Republic of China clearly issued the Measures for the supervision and administration of drinking water hygiene. When consumers buy, they can go to the public network of health administrative licensing for inquiry.Two, look at the material. At present, there are materials such as stainless steel, FRP, cast iron, aluminum, food grade resin or PVC on the market. The first three materials are of better resistance and can be used as front filters (Central machines ). The latter two materials are of poor resistance and can only be used in the back end of the front filter (central machine) and used as a direct beverage machine. In these materials, the resistance and corrosion resistance are aimed at stainless steel, and the price is relatively high. The food grade resin or PVC is poor, and the price is relatively low.Third, set the function. Choosing a water treatment device

By reason of rich experience in induction melting furnace field, Jingda holds the attitude of keeping innovation. Contact! The Professional sand casting Manufacturer in the Manufacturing Machinery Industry Compared with similar products, Quan Zhou Jing Long Machinery Co., Ltd.'s Copper Castings has the following advantages. Jing Long Machinery Company is committed to providing customers with high-quality sand casting as well as one-stop, comprehensive and efficient solutions.

How many 50 micron aperture filters do you need for 100 processing capacity per small ton? The key depends on which filter element you use, PP fusion spray, wire wrap, folding are not the same! Do you have to use the filter element for such a large flow? Can't the filter bag?In addition, double-linked filtering can also be used, so that each filter is only 50 tons.With a 10-inch, the flow rate of 50 U is about 32 L/MIN, that is, about 1.92 tons,That 40 inch is 1.92*4 = 7.68 tons, about 7 filter elements per filter. What size of filter element you design is a big equipment. There is a precision filter in front of the big equipment. Pp cotton is inside. The flow rate of the 40-inch length filter element is about 2 tons/hour, so it is enough to use 50 filter elements !!
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