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What about FOB of induction heating furnace ?
With a focus on customers, Quan Zhou Jing Long Machinery Co., Ltd. analyzes problems from the perspective of customers and provides comprehensive, professional and excellent solutions. Jing Long Machinery Company's copper melting furnace can be used in a variety of industries. Jing Long Machinery Company's induction heating furnace are reasonably designed. They are stable in performance and easy in operation. They are quality-reliable and use-durable. The products have good quality and reasonable price. We sincerely look forward to your inquiry and business talk! Jing Long Machinery Company has created a number of successful series, and aluminium casting is one of them.

The pressure on the security filter is zero when the reverse osmosis equipment works Precision filters, also known as security filters, are generally set before pressure vessels to remove fine particles with turbidity of more than 1 degree to meet the requirements for water inflow in subsequent processes; sometimes it is also set at the end of the whole water treatment system to prevent small particles (such as broken resin) from entering the finished water. The precision filter has the following features: it can effectively remove suspended solids and rust in the liquid. Can withstand high filtration pressure. The unique deep mesh structure makes the filter element have a high slag load capacity. The filter element can be made of various materials to meet the needs of various fluid filtration The shape is small, the filtration area is large, the resistance is small, the service life is long, the function and purpose, in order to prevent the suspension particles that are not completely removed or newly gene

What equipment does the sea water tank need? Eggs are at least 300 sea salt, at least 400, which is almost 900. you also need a lamp holder and a cylinder.It's not a fish tank that can change the tank, and the full set of equipment and fish add up to at least 1 W-3 W sea water tank should be filtered at the bottom (that is, a filter cylinder should be made inside the whole cabinet) and a chiller should also be returned,Sterilization lamp,Protein remover,Nitrate remover,Quicksand filter,
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