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What about the scale of Jing Long?
Quan Zhou Jing Long Machinery Co., Ltd. upholds a fearless spirit towards making mistakes and constantly seeks innovations. Based on that, we overcome various difficulties during the development. We gain numerous honorary qualifications in the industry. The superior geographical location and traffic convenience lay a solid foundation for Jing Long Machinery Company to develop sustainably in the following days. Jing Long Machinery Company always pays attention to customers. According customers' actual needs, we could customize comprehensive and professional solutions for them. Jing Long Machinery Company has a scientific management mode and great production capability. We carry out standard and scale production, so as to ensure that we could meet customers' needs for large-quantity orders of quality machinery. We can provide OEM/ODM services.

Does the toilet cover need to be equipped with a front water purification filter? Generally can not use,

What is a UF filter? The filtration filter uses screening as the separation principle and pressure as the driving force for the membrane separation process. The filtration accuracy is within the range of 0.005-0.01 μm, it can effectively remove the particles, gels, bacterial cushions and Polymer organic substances in the water. Completely filter the bacteria, viruses and glue impurities in the water to shield the pipeline contamination of the tap water pipe.Ultra-filtration filter has been applied more and more in the separation of industrial water treatment and special solution. this filter solves the problem of poor raw water quality, in industrial high pure water equipment, seawater desalination and sewage reuse, ultra-filtration can be used as advanced pretreatment equipment to maximize the long-term safe and continuous operation of equipment such as water treatment. Because the UF filter only removes impurities such as suspended solids, colloidal particles and bacteria in the water, it retains minerals
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