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Quan Zhou Jing Long Machinery Co., Ltd. is a fully advanced sand casting manufacturer and supplier. Jing Long Machinery Company advances with the times and pays attention to independent innovation and strict quality control during production. By adhering to the core value, we pay great attention to first-class service and first-class quality, so as to become a first-class enterprise. We intend to be innovative, hard-working and tenacious and promise to be your best partner with the best reputation. sand casting can be used widely and meet the package requirements for various kinds of perfume.语句内容测试 Jing Long Machinery Company has created a number of successful series, and Aluminum Castings is one of them. Our professional team helps strictly test the quality of this product. It provides a better environment and safety on the shop floor. Jing Long Machinery Company can guarantee free technical support for our die casting machine. It has been exported to Russia, the United States, India, and other places. our team only produces high-quality products. If interested, please feel free to contact us.

Can the water front filter be installed vertically? The front filter has steel mesh, the filtration accuracy is ten microns, and the impurities larger than ten microns can be filtered out, and the installation is convenient, and the installation of the filter effect is affected.

How to choose compressed air filter? The filter is selected according to the pressure, flow rate and filtering accuracy of the compressed air. Compressed air is made of air in the atmosphere compressed by air compressor, and air in the atmosphere often contains a lot of pollutants such as dust, impurities, micro particles, etc. air runs with the machine in the compressor, pollutants such as oil, wear particles and soot during combustion will also be produced. These contaminants can cause serious damage to the products produced by compressed air, and even damage to pneumatic components and related equipment. This requires a dpc compressed air filter to filter these contaminants. In general, there are mainly two kinds of pollutants in compressed air, one is the atmospheric pollutants that are sucked into the compressor. Among them, the diameter of 80% is below 2 μm; the other is the discharge of the compressor, which is in a state of smoke, and it becomes 0.01 ~ Aerosol of 0.8 μm. So how to select the compresse
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