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Thanks to the concept of die casting machine, our products have been exported to different countries. Call! Quan Zhou Jing Long Machinery Co., Ltd. Is Dedicated to the Production of AluminumCastings Compared with other products in the same category, Copper Castings has the following major features. Jing Long Machinery Company always gives priority to customers and services. With a great focus on customers, we strive to meet their needs and provide optimal solutions.

How to use oil-water separator, what should be paid attention? Preparation and inspection before use 1. all parts of the oil filter machine have passed the operation adjustment test before leaving the factory. after long-distance transportation, it is necessary to check whether the parts are intact when they arrive at the use site. 2. the selection of the power supply must be able to withstand the maximum current of the machine. The circuit of this machine uses 380 V and 50Hz three-phase four-wire AC power supply to access a ground wire at the same time. The power distribution cabinet on the oil filter machine and the wiring of the oil pump, vacuum pump and electric heater should be checked to ensure that the connection is firm and the insulation is reliable. 3. the oil filter should be balanced before the oil filter works. 4. inject vacuum pump oil and make the oil level reach the normal position. 5. oil pump motor and vacuum pump motor test start to observe whether the rotation direction is consistent with

How to compile the laboratory safety management system Standard procedures and acceptance specifications for sterile rooms \ r 1. purpose \ r this regulation is designed to provide a standardized procedure for aseptic operation and protection of sterile rooms.\ Two. Scope of Application \ r microbial testing laboratory \ r 3. QC supervisor of responsible person \ r 4. definition, no \ r 5. safety precautions \ r strict aseptic operationPrevent microbial contamination;The operator should turn off the UV lamp first when entering the sterile room.\ R 6. construction procedures \ r1.The sterile room should have a sterile operation room and a buffer room,The cleanliness of the sterile operation room should reach 10000,Keep the indoor temperature at 20-24 ℃,Keep the humidity at 45-60%.The cleanliness of the super-clean platform should reach 100.\ R2.The sterile room should be kept clean,Stacking debris is strictly prohibited,To prevent pollution.\ R3.To prevent all sterilization equipment and media pollution,Pollut
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