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What companies are producing molding sand ?
Quan Zhou Jing Long Machinery Co., Ltd. always pays attention to customers. According customers' actual needs, we could customize comprehensive and professional solutions for them. Aluminum Castings produced by Jing Long Machinery Company is applied to the following industries. Jing Long Machinery Company's molding sand have reasonable structure, novel design, and reliable quality. With a small noise, they are easy to operate and are stable during the operation. For product information, customers are welcome to consult Jing Long Machinery Company. According to the material, we's products are divided into several categories, and sand casting is one of them.

Why can't water go through resin softening filter to security filter? Most of the precision filtration devices (also known as security filters) are made of stainless steel,Filter elements (such as PP cotton) are installed inside ),It is mainly used after multi-media pretreatment and filtering,Before membrane filtration equipment such as reverse osmosis and UF.It is used to filter out small substances filtered by multiple media (such as tiny quartz sand,Activated carbon particles, etc ),To ensure that the water quality filtering accuracy and protective film filter elements are not damaged by large particles.The precision grade of the filter element inside the precision filter device can be divided into 0.5 μ s, 1 mu s, 5 mu s, 10 mu s, etc,Different filtering accuracy is selected according to different usage occasions,In order to ensure the accuracy of the rear effluent and ensure the safety of the rear membrane components.

Why do you use air filters at the gas source end in the pneumatic circuit, oil-water separator Air filter (oil-water separator) indicated in pneumatic circuit ),It is to filter out the water vapor, oil and gas, dust impurities from the compressed air at the gas source end,The air purification function is performed on the subsequent pneumatic system (loop.Because the main components that are filtered out are water and gas,So also called oil and water separator.The air filter (oil-water separator) also has different sizes, different precision (filtration degree) and so on.For example,Coarse filter,General filter,Fine filter,Oil removal filter,Deodorant filter,And so on the various nature and required filters needed in the pneumatic system.After the general oil-water separator, the pressure reducing valve (pressure regulating valve) will be followed ),And may also increase the mist.
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