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What port of loading available for pressure die casting ?
With a focus on customers, Quan Zhou Jing Long Machinery Co., Ltd. analyzes problems from the perspective of customers and provides comprehensive, professional and excellent solutions. Jing Long Machinery Company's Aluminum Castings can be used in a variety of industries. Jing Long Machinery Company's pressure die casting are reasonably designed. They are stable in performance and easy in operation. They are quality-reliable and use-durable. The products have good quality and reasonable price. We sincerely look forward to your inquiry and business talk! Jing Long Machinery Company has created a number of successful series, and sand casting is one of them.

What kind of filter should be used in the large fish tank for decoration, and what types are there? There are many types of aquarium filters,It can be divided according to the location, filtering form, function, etc.There are 4 types of main aquarium filters.Install the filter tank on the top of the aquarium,Draw the water out of the aquarium through an underwater submersible pump,Through the filter slots with several layers of different filter substances,Let the filtered water flow back into the box.This filter device is simple in working principle,It is very convenient to maintain,Only need to replace and clean the filter material in the filter tank regularly,It can solve the need of raising fish in medium and small aquariums,Popular with ordinary aquarium enthusiasts.The disadvantage is that the filter area is small,If used with inflatable equipment,And choose the filter material reasonably,Enough to meet the needs of family fish.Before installing the aquarium,First place the wave filter plate at

What is the RO filter system? Chinese name: reverse osmosis, English name: reverse se osmosisRO;Reverse osmosis;RO Definition 1: a kind of pressure that is driven by pressure above the pressure,The selective membrane can only pass through water but not through the selective permeability of the solute,Membrane separation process for extracting fresh water from water bodies.Subject: Electric Power (first-level subject );Thermal automation, power plant chemistry and metals (secondary disciplines) Definition 2: Make the solvent (water) in the solution, driven by pressure, enter the low-pressure side of the membrane in the opposite direction of natural penetration through the semi-permeable membrane,So as to achieve the process of effective separation.The basic working principle of reverse osmosis is: using a special high-pressure water pump,Add raw water to 6-20 kilograms of pressure,Let the raw water penetrate through the pore diameter under the action of pressure is only 0.Reverse osmosis membrane of 0001
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