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What should I do once I receive aluminum die casting company imperfections?
Main technical parameters of mechanical filter Work pressure: 0.05MPa ~ 0.6MPa working temperature: 5 ℃ ~ Single machine flow at 40 ℃ (special temperature can be customized): 0.5m3/h ~ 80m3/h operation mode: manually or automatically control the filtering speed: 5m3/h ~ 12m3/h, maximum 15m3/h product specifications: 223 ~ 3000 304 cylinder material: Epoxy coated with, q21lining or glass.Single flow mechanical filter unit filter water 3.9 ~ 7.858.8 ~ 17.515.7 ~ 31.4 T/H Filter working pressure working temperature of filter 5 ~ 305 ~ 305 ~ 30C filter speed 5 ~ 105 ~ 105 ~ 10 M/h filter area 0.7851.753.14 ㎡ filter material diameter 0.5 ~ 1 (quartz sand)/0.8 ~ 1.5 (anthracite 0.5 ~ 1 (quartz sand)/0.8 ~ 1.5 (anthracite 0.5 ~ 1 (quartz sand)/0.8 ~ 1.

Jingda enjoys a good reputation among the Aluminum Castings market. Inquire! Quan Zhou Jing Long Machinery Co., Ltd. Is Dedicated to the Production of aluminum die casting company Compared with other products in the same category, low pressure casting machine has the following major features. Jing Long Machinery Company always gives priority to customers and services. With a great focus on customers, we strive to meet their needs and provide optimal solutions.

I bought the front water purifier on the internet. Is there a scale and scale crystal that is harmful to the body? 30? 1. when choosing a water purifier, you must choose according to your personal situation.2. if the water quality is poor, it is recommended to use the reverse osmosis water purifier, and the filtered water is the cleanest.3. in areas where the water quality is general, the ultra-filtration water purifier can be used, and the filtered water retains beneficial minerals.4. water for daily use, such as washing, bathing and other soft water machines, and direct drinking machines for drinking.5. You can use Emmett, because I use this one, haha. Water purifiers are limited and can only clean up some harmful substances, but the domestic water quality is too complicated, the water pollution is serious and it is difficult to prevent, so it is difficult to choose, we can only choose products with the principle of better than no.
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