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Which foundry sand company doing OBM?
Quan Zhou Jing Long Machinery Co., Ltd. is a reliable supplier and manufacturer with highly rated sand casting. Jing Long Machinery Company's enterprise spirit is to be united, truth-seeking, practical and innovative. The business concept is to seek development with integrity and sci-tech. We carry out the modern enterprise management system and stick to sustainable development. We continuously provide quality products and satisfactory services for new and old customers. Jing Long Machinery Company's die casting machine is of excellent quality and is widely used in the Manufacturing Machinery industry. According to the material, Jing Long Machinery Company's products are divided into several categories, and low pressure casting machine is one of them. Jingda provides the high quality product and guarantee the performance of it. It can be designed with a touch screen. our team has gained rapid development in both product and market thanks to more than decade years of product R&D and production experience. All components and fittings are erosion resistant and wear resistant. For product quotation, please contact our company.

Our sewage treatment plant now has an average monthly BOD of about 8 ~ 12 mg/L, but due to the need to reduce the water reuse to 6 mg/L, is there any way and process to solve it? It is recommended that the water part be treated separately,Minimize the amount of water treated.1. increase the membrane treatment system,It is recommended to choose from UF membrane, NF membrane and reverse osmosis membrane,Removal of low content BOD by physical interception;2. increase the ozone treatment system,Degradation of low content BOD by ozone oxidation;3. increase the small-scale filter,Gravel sand, activated carbon and fiber filter materials can be used for filter materials.Add the BAF and recommend using our company's filter cloth turntable filter!The fastest effect is that you add structures,The suggestion is the biological aeration filter,If you don't add structures, the suggestion is to see if the ratio of carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus is appropriate,

How much pressure to replace the filter core of the electroplating filter, what precision filter core is generally used for the filter element? Bright nickel plated. Nickel plating can be done using 5um wire wrap filter element,The filter element of the nickel cylinder can be changed once a year from half a year.The pressure is under pressure on the head of the filter,As long as the filter bucket can bear it,The pressure should be a little bigger.The filter pressure gauge has a limited value,It should be cleaned beyond the yellow area.The current filter density is not enough,It's better to use 1 μm,Generally, the filter element is broken or replaced when the filter effect is not available.
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